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African Scam

Commercial and Internet scams are common and they are often initiated from outside Malaysia. A particular region may prefer a certain type of scam more than others.

For example, African nationals and syndicates are found to use the Internet frequently, particularly social networks such as Facebook, Tagged, Twitter and others in order to find and deceive their victims.

Another regional trend that has been observed tells us that Taiwanese syndicates will often use a technique called ‘ID spoofing’ for their scams. They will impersonate bank officers, call the victims and inform them about their outstanding credit card debts. Occasionally, a syndicate member will also impersonate a police officer and call the victim to accuse them of involvement in a money laundering case. Interestingly, the number that appears on the victim’s mobile phone is the actual phone number of the bank or police. Investigations found that the syndicate members use ‘ID spoofing’ which allows them to determine the numbers that will be displayed on the victim’s phone. In such cases, the victim is duped by the call and will comply with the orders given until they are finally instructed to transfer money to the syndicate’s account.